Session Details
Day: 15/03/2017
Time: 10:00 - 11:15
Room: Morus 4

Track: Technical
Level: 400 - Highly Technical
Audience: Consultants/Developers
Develop Plugins for Continuous Tracing and Advanced Analysis in XrmToolBox

Debugging and analyzing plugin behavior in Dynamics 365 can be a cumbersome task.

The means ability to test plugins in a live environment are limited and technically challenging to implement. Mocking context and faking CRM works for unit testing, but what are the best ways to prepare for and analyze actual events in a production environment?

The Plug-in Trace Log is the solution, and the technology behind it is great. But it requires you to actively implement tracing in your code to fully utilize this feature. We are also discouraged from using the plug-in trace log as the UX in the platform is still a bit rough around the edges, to say the least.

In this session you will be presented with simple open sourced plugin extensions that easily tracks execution, performance and errors in plugins without really having to change the plugin implementation. Execution will be traced and analyzed using the Plugin Trace Viewer in XrmToolBox to fully empower you for continuous investigation of the Plug-in Trace Log.

The session will cover:
• overview of alternatives for plugin debugging and analysis
• plugin extensions for easy tracing and execution timing
• hands on plugin development examples with detailed tracing
• in-depth analysis of plugin behavior and trigger chains

Introducing Your Speaker

Jonas Rapp, Head of Development, Innofactor

Jonas is a notorious eXtremeCRM attendee and now contributes to the event as a speaker. He has worked as a developer for the past quarter century, and has focused 100% on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 platform since 2009.

As the author of FetchXML Builder and Plugin Trace Viewer for XrmToolBox, Jonas humbly claims to "know a little bit about a few things related to Dynamics 365" and was recently awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Business Solutions.