Session Details
Day: 15/03/2017
Time: 15:00 - 16:15
Room: Castenea

Track: Sales, Marketing, Demo
Level: 200 - Intermediate
Audience: Selling and Marketing Partners
Data, Data and more Data

This session is all about the importance of data to the modern day marketer.

  1. Where does this need for data come from?
    1. The age of Digital Transformation
    2. Marketing is almost fully digitalized and is spending more on IT than any other department
    3. Marketing Operations is the new hype
    4. Marketing involved in more and more business processes.
    5. Today’s marketer needs to be a Creative, IT-savvy, Sales guru
    6. How to control the data-flow
    7. Update/Changes – aka Maintenance
  2. From CRM to Marketing Automation Solution
    1. What does a modern day Marketing IT-Infrastructure look like?
    2. What do you need to maintain such an infrastructure?
    3. What are the effects for the CRM system?
    4. How to control the relationship between sales (CRM) and Marketing (MA)
  3. Technology wise – how to navigate the data-maze
    1. What are the options when integration between CRM, MA and other products
      1. Custom code
      2. API’s
      3. Connectors
  4. Tips for getting the data under control
Introducing Your Speaker

Maarten Westdorp, Sr. Marketing Programs Manager EMEA, Scribe Software

Maarten Westdorp has worked for various IT companies delivering automation and integration solutions. As a marketeer he has been working with various marketing automation products such as Hubspot, Silverpop and Marketo.

Recently Maarten has been credited with the rank of Marketo Champion for building out some revolutonairy automated marketing campaigns. On a daily basis he is responsible for developing the operational marketing strategy for Scribe Software.