Session Details
Day: 15/03/2017
Time: 11:30 - 12:00
Room: Nux

Track: ISV Showcases
Level: 100 - Introductory
Audience: ALL
Why Have 2500 Microsoft Partners Already Signed Up to Collaborate
Do you have the right expertise to capture the Dynamics 365 opportunity ahead of you? How do you find the right expertise when it's not your own?

With Dynamics 365 the expertise needed to serve your customers will be a lot different, asking more and different specialism than you probably offer today. Do you want to recruit new people without knowing how the Dynamics 365 future will exactly look like? Why not start working like a network and team up with other Microsoft partners that have the expertise you are looking for and they look for your expertise? The sharing economy will help to use our total capacity in the Microsoft partner channel to serve our customers with their digital transformation. Find and match expertise, connect and team up in a very efficient and fast way. Why? How about increasing the utilization of your people, reducing the costs for finding the right expertise, improving and speeding up your projects quality, cross and upsell to your (existing) customers all  in a secured and trusted way. Like that? Join this session to hear how we can work better together!
Introducing Your Speaker

Peter Vach, VP Business Development, Dynasource

Peter Vach joined Dynasource on the 1st of July 2016 after 14 years working for Microsoft Dynamics in different partner management related roles in the Netherlands, Sweden and European Timezone team. His passion is about working as one team between vendor and their partners to serve our customers in the best possible way. If we team up, share knowledge and expertise we will win more customers for our great solutions and all make more money while keeping the customer smiling. The technology is here to do this in a smart, fast and secured way, hence the reason he joined the leading Microsoft Partner 2 Partner Platform to help the Microsoft partners to team up and work as a as a network.