Session Details
Day: 15/03/2017
Time: 11:30 - 12:00
Room: Morus 3

Track: ISV Showcases
Level: N/A
Audience: ALL
Duplicate Data in Dynamics 365. Problem solved.
The Paribus product family has been developed to prevent and cure duplicate data in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This session will explore some of the reasons behind the problem and how to solve it. You will see how Paribus Interactive empowers all users to become active data quality guardians, preventing duplicate data from being entered in the system, while improving their user experience and efficiency. We will also show how Paribus Discovery addresses the identification and removal of existing duplicate data with its intelligent and configurable matching engine.
Introducing Your Speaker

Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate

I have spent many years involved with CRM and Saleforce Automation solutions before that.  I still get a great kick out of seeing a well implemented CRM system in place, assisting a business or organisation to be more efficient and effective.