Session Details
Day: 16/03/2017
Time: 14:45 - 15:15
Room: Vitis 1

Track: ISV Showcase
Level: 200 - Intermediate
Audience: Customers
The Right Price, the Right Time: How Price Optimization and Smart CPQ Help ST1 Deliver Dynamic Pricing in a Volatile Market
In the oil and gas industry, pricing volatility is a fact of life. More so than many other commodities, oil and gas prices are highly sensitive to economic, environmental, and geopolitical pressures. This sensitivity has made it extremely difficult for both wholesalers and retailers to offer anything close to real-time pricing to their customers. In this session, learn how Finnish petroleum manufacturer ST1 used a combination of automated, data-driven pricing science and “smart” configure, price, quote (CPQ) technology  to overcome this challenge and provide dynamic pricing at any specific moment in time. By leveraging this smart solution in conjunction with existing CRM and ERP deployments, ST1 is driving margin improvement in a highly volatile marketplace.
Introducing Your Speaker

Kurt Springman, Managing Director – Microsoft Global Alliance, PROS

Kurt Springman is responsible for PROS all-up global corporate strategy with Microsoft and managing the many commercial Microsoft ISV co-sell and marketing programs. Microsoft is PROS primary technology and go to market partner, and PROS CPQ solutions are natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and run as a service on Microsoft Azure. Springman also manages PROS global alliance with Icertis, a key partner for contract management solutions, which are tightly integrated with PROS CPQ and run on Azure. 
Prior to joining PROS, Kurt has had 20 years of experience managing Microsoft as an alliance partner for various technology companies, including NetApp, SAP, Open Text, Business Objects, Symantec, and Citrix.  His background includes working at JP Morgan as an investment banker, president of a real estate management company, owning a corporate event marketing company, and managing triathlon races.  Kurt has an MBA from New York University and an accounting degree from the University of Denver.

When Kurt is not working, he is an avid skier and cyclist, and his latest passion is learning flying trapeze.  Kurt and his wife Cathy live in Bellevue with their two daughters, who are active in ballet, soccer, art, music and skiing.