Session Details
Day: 16/03/2017
Time: 15:30 - 16:30
Room: Morus 1

Track: Extending the Value
Level: 200 - Intermediate
Audience: Customers
Lessons Learned: CRM Data Migration Experiences: Part 2

Lessons Learned: CRM Data Migration Experiences: Part 2

In this 2-part series with Shakespearean twist, the Dynamics 365 Fast Track and Solution Architecture teams will take you on a journey through the critical decision factors for data migration, typical challenges and good practices to achieve a successful outcome. Both sessions are grounded in real-world experiences gained from our engagement with Enterprise customers. Emphasis will be placed on considering a migration to Dynamics 365 online.

Act 1 will set the scene, introducing aspects of why data migration is necessary, common misconceptions observed in migration strategies and how to design for a successful migration.

Act 2 will continue the story, highlighting typical challenges and good practices to ensure a successful migration is achieved. But will there be a happy ending?


Part 2 – The common curse of mankind – Data Migration

After defining what you are migrating, the focus will be on the different steps and challenges of your data migration process towards going live.

Dealing with different data sources, handling data transformation and performing load in a determined timeframe are steps of the project journey. – have you taken into consideration “the good, the bad and the ugly ones”?


The goals of the session are:

  • Discuss the aspects of dealing with different data sources, data transformation and loading processes;
  • Highlight the need to establish a lean and efficient process for data migration;
  • Touchbase on specific constraints and details of the most common data sets you would migrate;
  • Share some good practices, tips and tricks to achieve a successful migration process.
Introducing Your Speaker

Gonçalo Antunes, SR. Fasttrack Program Manager, Microsoft

Gonçalo Antunes works for Microsoft Corporation as a Program Manager in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Group. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, his role is to engage with customers within the context of the Fasttrack for Dynamics 365 Program across the EMEA region to ensure they deploy their systems smoothly and successfuly.

 Gonçalo has worked for for Microsoft for 8 years holding roles with the Support Organization and the Dynamics Product Group, focusing on CRM since version 3.0 and dealing with several Enterprise customer implementations. Gonçalo has also been an active speaker in several regional Dynamics events in the past years, such as Convergence EMEA.

Prior to Microsoft, Gonçalo had 7 years of consulting background in the IT industry in various Microsoft technologies.

Phil Hand, Principal Solutions Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Phil Hand works for Microsoft Corporation as a Solutions Architect in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product group. Based in the UK, his role is to engage with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise customers across the EMEA region to ensure customer success and product evolution through customer insights.

Phil has worked for Microsoft for 12 years, holding roles in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product group and also in Microsoft Consulting Services. Primarily field based, his focus has been on Microsoft Dynamics CRM since V3.0 and he has lead and supported numerous Enterprise customer implementations across Public Sector, Health, Financial Services and Insurance industries. Phil has authored several whitepapers and provided input to SDK tooling focused around Application Lifecycle Management of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

Prior to Microsoft, Phil spent 8 years as Head of Development for a niche Enterprise Performance Management vendor where he focused on implementing Business Intelligence and Balanced Scorecard solutions to major blue chip clients across the World.