Session Details
Day: 17/03/2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Room: Vitis 4

Track: Dynamics 365
Level: 200 - Intermediate
Audience: Customers
Rise of the PowerApps Citizen Developer
"People want to work, not wait for IT departments.”

What? How?

Just give them the right tools and let them have a go!

Say hi to the citizen developer, a new breed of employees that will create new business applications in your organization. They've been born in a consumer world where they can control technology and use it at their advantage. Their knowledge of the business combined with low-code platforms like PowerApps will be the start of a new revolution.

So join Gert in his search of the citizen developer and learn how you can lead the transformation in your company.
Introducing Your Speaker

Gert Vonck, Managing partner, Appfie

Gert is the founder of Appfie, a company started in 2016 and leading the way for all citizen developers or any organization interested in low code platforms. Specifically PowerApps, Flow and the Common Data Services.

He is an experienced IT and business professional with 15+ years experience as a consultant, business analyst and CRM expert for companies like Johnson and Johnson, KBC and Deutsche Bank.