Session Details
Day: 17/03/2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Room: Vitis 2

Track: Dynamics 365
Level: 100 - Beginner
Audience: Customers
Projects: The Human Factor
AkzoNobel deployed over 6,000 seats across 80 countries replacing many existing CRM silo solutions into one. Attend this session to hear first-hand from Alejandra Pedrouzo - AkzoNobel IT Program & Project Manager and Jaime Cerejeira - IT Project Manager, Capgemini as they share their real world insights on how they drove project success having a strong focus on the project participants empowering them to grow and create.
Introducing Your Speaker

Alejandra Pedrouzo, Program and Project Manager CIO Office, AkzoNobel

Working for AkzoNobel as a Program & Project Manager at the CIO Office.

Jaime Cerejeira, DCX Manager, Capgemini

Jaime is a passionate technology professional focused on CRM implementations. Besides his technical and business expertise, he is characterized by a result-oriented approach.

Currently working for Capgemini Portugal, Jaime is responsible for Dynamics CRM team/offer and is a Microsoft Alliance Country Manager for Capgemini Group.