Speaker Registration Pass Policy

  • Speakers that conduct one (1)  breakout session will receive a 50% discount off of their standard registration fee. The registration fee will be  $747.50

  • Speakers that conduct two (2) breakout sessions that are NOT part of the exclusions below, will receive a 100% discount on the standard registration fee. If you are planning on attending the Executive Exchange in lieu of the general conference, we will apply the standard conference registration discount to the Executive Exchange fee, charging you the difference between the two.

  • For sessions with two (2) presenters: A second presenter must be pre-approved by the eXtreme team. Please add their names to your session description when you create your session request. Once approved, each is eligible for speaker discounting. A maximum of two (2) speakers per session are eligible for speaker discounting.  The lead presenter is responsible for sessions planning and execution. eXtreme exercises the right to approve or deny any secondary speaker(s) for the sessions.

Speakers NOT eligible for registration discounts:

  • Speakers for ISV sessions or ISV trainings

  • Sponsors and exhibitors that speak during breakout sessions

  • Participation on a panel of experts