About eXtreme365

eXtreme365 is the premier Microsoft Dynamics 365 event and now adding Partner Services

eXtreme365 is committed to helping Microsoft Dynamics® partners become more successful by delivering community-based events and activities.


eXtreme brings the eXtreme365 event to the partner community with a goal of expanding the Microsoft Dynamics channel capacity and success. eXtreme365 is the premier event focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and dedicated to advancing best practices and strategies for Microsoft Dynamics 365 organizations. There are multiple eXtreme365 events held each year, with a spring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and Customer event during the same week in Europe and a fall event for the Dynamics 365 channel in the United States. You will find information regarding future eXtreme365 events by clicking the appropriate tabs above.

eXtreme365 conferences help the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community more effectively grow their business by selling, deploying and extending the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. eXtreme365 is dedicated to providing insight to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 future vision and strategy and encourages sharing of knowledge among the Microsoft Dynamics 365 community.  eXtreme supports critical connections with Microsoft leadership, ISVs and partners – all with a goal of helping the community learn, grow and work more productively together.

Partner Services

Our commitment to partners includes not only the conferences but partners services to help them grow their businesses as well. Our eXtreme partner service program was created from hearing first-hand the knowledge and support serviced needed by the community. Whether you are looking to find development resources, generate qualified leads, improve your marketing, manage your company’s events with our internal event management tools, or looking for technical resources through our education and placement program, we can help!


The first eXtreme365 event (then known as eXtremeCRM) was held in 2010 in Las Vegas, with a second in Prague six months later. The event quickly became THE Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner event to attend to make those connections and increase overall knowledge. With the diversification of Dynamics CRM becoming Dynamics 365, so too has eXtremeCRM become eXtreme365, again reflecting our strong commitment to the Dynamics community. eXtreme365 is currently celebrating its 6th year, and has hosted 14 events. Through these events we have helped create better businesses, and better relationships. We are looking forward to continuing to grow our events as well as our partner services.